Honours & Awards


I have secured >£1 million in research funding for the following projects:

  • Listening to Infrastructure, (PI)
    • e.g. EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship
  • ACHILLES [Assessment, Costing and enHancement of long lIfe, Long Linear assEtS], (Co-I)
    • EPSRC Programme Grant
  • Community Slope SAFE, (Co-I)
    • e.g. EPSRC GCRF, Impact Acceleration
  • Slope ALARMS, (Co-I)


  • 2018 – Loughborough University Built Environment Beacon Awards – Outstanding Research Project Award winner
    • Awarded for the Community Slope SAFE (low cost landslide early warning system) project
  • 2018 – Loughborough University Built Environment Beacon Awards – Research Paper of the Year Award
    • Highly commended for the Smith et al. 2017 Géotechnique paper (link)
  • 2017 – Professor William R Dearman QJEGH Young Author of the Year Award
    • Voted by the Editorial Board of the Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology
  • 2017 – Loughborough University Enterprise Awards – ‘One to watch’ category
  • 2015 – Institution of Civil Engineers Merit Award – Studies and Research Category
    • Progress in the development of the Slope ALARMS landslide early warning system during 2014 won the award after competing with several high-profile projects
  • 2015 – Hawley Award (£5,000) for Engineering Innovation
    • Awarded annually by the Engineers Trust (Worshipful Company of Engineers) for ‘the most outstanding engineering innovation that delivers demonstrable benefit to the environment’
  • 2015 – Thomas Telford Premium
    • Awarded annually by the Institution of Civil Engineers to the authors of the paper judged to be the ‘best of the year’ by the editorial board of Géotechnique Letters
  • 2014 – Best paper and presentation winner
    • Awarded by the British Geotechnical Association at the 13th Young Geotechnical Engineers Symposium after competing with 37 other researchers and practitioners
  • 2012 – Institution of Civil Engineers Prize (£250)
    • Awarded annually by Loughborough’s School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering to the undergraduate MEng civil engineer who graduates at the top of the cohort
  • 2012 – East Midlands Geotechnical Group Prize (£200)
    • Awarded annually by Loughborough’s School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering for the best undergraduate geotechnical research project

Invited presentations:

  • 2016 – ‘Building an academic career: PhD and beyond’, East Midlands Universities Association PGR Conference ‘Inspiring Futures’, Loughborough, UK
  • 2015 – Permanent Way Institution Technical Seminar on ‘managing track formation, earthworks and drainage’, Nottingham, UK
  • 2015 – Vadose zone workshop for early career researchers, organised by COST Action TU1202, Durham University and Newcastle University, UK