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  • 89 ISI Publications,
  • 2336 ISI Citations
  • h-index: 29

(h-indices updated: April 2019)

Google Scholar: h-index: 39; i10 index: 85 (4704 citations)

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Books include:

Applications of 3D measurement from images“, published in September 2007 & edited by John Fryer, Harvey Mitchell  and Jim Chandler
Landform Monitoring, Modelling and Analysis“, published in 1998 & edited by Stuart Lane, Keith Richards and Jim Chandler.

Awards include:

Founders Award, 2014- for “Services to the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society”: (citation in the Photogrammetric Record: Dec 2014).

Paper entitled: Monitoring 3D vibrations in structures using high-resolution blurred imagery. Photogrammetric Record, 31(155): 304-324 won the Thompson Award for best paper in the 2016 issues of the Record.